Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Daughter One-Upped President Jimmy Carter

Shannon got us some face time with former President Jimmy Carter at a reception before she escorted him onto the University of Iowa Carver Hawkeye Arena stage. My daughter eloquently introduced the 39th president to about 10,000+ onlookers. Although she kind of whipped up her 2 minute presentation that afternoon, she delivered it with conviction and poise.
How does she do it? I remember I was wetting-my-pants nervous when I read a few Bible verses at my college graduation. Of course I'm mildly biased, but here she was, giving a more moving speech in 2 minutes than Jimmy did in 20 minutes! She talked about getting involved. I was about ready to become a democratic activist!'s a Presidential Peanut Quiz.
  1. Guess what President Carter uses for toothpaste?
  2. What one thing would Pres. Carter have done differently during his presidency?
  3. How can evangelicals wonder how other evangelicals can vote for a democrat?
  4. How can a 2 minute speech be more moving than a 20 minute talk by a former President?
I'll post the answers and a family pic with President Carter on later post.

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