Monday, April 16, 2007

Middle Schoolers' Questions About Heaven

I spoke about Heaven at Main Event club recently at church. I overheard what the 8th grade girls were discussing afterwards:

1. “There are still things that I want to do before I go to heaven.”

2. “I hope we play soccer in heaven.”

Even though I think my talk was pretty good (they paid attention), these girls' unanswered questions made me ask some questions of myself:

  1. How could I have better addressed these girls' questions that I obviously left unanswered?
  2. How can I better anticipate what questions my audience is asking?


  1. Yeah, those are the kinda questions I wish I would hear BEFORE I gave a lesson rather than afterwards. Although, I guess it helps if you're teaching through a series and can address them the next week instead.

  2. I wish I was smart enough to think like you. Thanks for thinking those thoughts. I need to work harder at anticipating those kinds of questions.