Sunday, April 15, 2007

I Must Be a Geriatric Rocker

Last night's Rod Stewart Rockin' in the Round Concert (aka, The RodFather) was Okay! I was pleasantly surprised! Of course I had low expectations of my free concert with scads of Geriatric Rockers; and I don't mean rocking chairs. I pictured withered old Rod-fans lustfully tossing their back braces onto the stage. I was braced for the aged rock star to have to stop halfway through his show to work out some cramps or to pull his belt back up to cover his paunch.
But, hey, I was surprised. It really was a cool stage setup and concert in a Scottish kind of way (Stewart plaid stage curtain, plaid drumset). Also, I didn't realize how many of his songs I had heard before. I actually got out of my seat well after the intermission; and, if you know me, I don't get jarred off my rear very often. But I joined in when the entire crowd sang along to "It's a Heartache, nothing but a heartache...."
Okay. I admit it. It was fun.


  1. Brent,
    Thanks for the hook-up on the tickets. It was a fun concert to go to. It's funny that you were expecting to see a "unique" crowd, because that was why Jessica and I thought it would be fun to go: to see the old rockers all "Rodded" out with thin ties, blue jackets and tight pants. As much as the crowd was a entertainment letdown was, Rod was an entertainment uppper. JVM

  2. Sounds like I really missed out. I would love to see you rock out, since Chris Tomlin never gets you really going!

  3. Brent, you had me laughing reading the post...just one question: did you close your eyes when you sang along?

  4. NO, I didn't close my eyes. If I had closed my eyes, the tears would certainly have trickled down my cheeks.