Wednesday, April 4, 2007

"I slaughtered a llama on the way to work..."

I skipped out of a ministry night at Prime Time to take Sue and Megan to the My New Orleans Tour of Harry Connick, Jr. and his 11 piece band. As you can see from the ticket, we were in the nose bleed section; right balcony, section 3.

We savored everything; from the New Orleans style set complete with lamposts, ceiling fans and an upright piano to the incredible musicianship. Connick selected the best for his band; the trombonist and drummer were my fav's.

The band started in minor keys and transitioned to upbeat major keys. The jig-like dancing must be a New Orleans thing; different, relaxed and fun. He performed infinite twists on classic tunes that I haven't heard in years; simple songs composed in a very complex, jazzy way:

Working in the Gold Mine
Havin' Fun Down on the Bayou
Hello Dolly
I'll Love You Till the End of Time
Heaven, I'm in Heaven

On Connick's first trip to the front of the stage to converse with the crowd a boy, Mason, came to the front and gave the musician a large bag of Skittles. I was surprised at Connick's sharp sense of humor and we loved him mocking American Idol.

Connick, noticing that the audience was in a mood to laugh at nearly every he said, began to make stupid statements just to hear us laugh, like, "I slaughtered a llama on the way to work and covered myself in its entrails." Silly, but comfortable and fun.

What was my divergent mind thinking during the concert?
How can so much talent reside in just one person?
How much does he end up making from a concert like this; after he pays agents, managers, musicians, etc.?
There's a wedding ring on his finger. I'm surprised he wears it; but kinda glad he does.
Jazz like this feels like a guys' thing. Relaxed and cool and a little off-beat and spontaneous. Like a bunch of guys goofing around.
Fantastic encore with the drummer tapping on the top of the grand piano with Connick, the trombonist and a trumpet joining him at, or on, the piano.
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  1. My wife really likes Harry Connick Jr. I don't think about seeing when he's in Iowa. You are a good man. Sounds like an awesome show. I've not been to many concerts - especially non-Christian ones. I need to get out more.