Sunday, April 22, 2007

I Attended a Core Training Event

I've been to well over 100 youth worker training events. I've heard many more good trainers than bad, and The Core 2007, Helping Hurting Kids, ranked pretty darn high. Great content, great presenter (Dave Ambrose of Bridgeway Community Church). The Core omitted most of the nonsensical games and mixers, but included relevant video clips and edgy examples.
The subject matter shifted seamlessly through Understanding Hidden Hurts (session 1), Critical Skills for Tackling the Tough Stuff (session 2) and Successful Response Strategies (session 3).
I lifted some of this stuff as a teaser:


  1. I concur. I felt the Core gave helpful advice and sound encouragement to youthworkers longing to impact the lives of hurting teens. I thought they did a fabulous job of giving insight on the need for boundaries and the necessary ingredient of referring to professionals on a regular basis. I pray we could allow the Spirit to fill us and lead us to Christ-centered Isaiah 61 ministry.

  2. Matt,
    Of course, only someone who is a Bible-Ordained Head Case could even think of referencing Isaiah 61 in this context. You're awesome!

  3. I really appreciate the web links you listed. I'm in the process of checking them out - and have already been touched by one of them (twloha). Thanks a ton!