Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What I Learned NOT to Do in Youth Ministry

Here are the results of an off the cuff survey of Youth Pastors.
What I learned NOT to do in Youth Ministry. I learned...
  • Not to send 5 guys down a zip line in one harness.
  • When re-enacting the crucifixion with a nail and hammer, don't assume the female volunteer will move her hand.
  • No matter how responsible teens seem to be, don't leave them unsupervised.
  • If guys go outside to make snow angels, make them wear shorts.
  • Not to take myself too seriously.
  • Not to gossip.
  • That I should not back up on an interstate entrance ramp with a van load of teens.
  • Not to read emails in the wrong place.
  • Don't doubt the janitor dude.
  • Jump at the same time onto the Blob.
  • Don't let teens play the Salt Game that can send them to the emergency room.
  • Not to interrupt parents before they tell their whole story.
  • To be careful with what I tell my mother.
  • Not to do the Birthday Spanking Gauntlet.
  • To keep my mouth shut.
  • To never shut off all the lights.
  • Not to take the van load of teens to Hooters.


  1. The last one is hilarious!! Great to see you back at the blog.

  2. good times, great oldies!

  3. did you do those things brent?? lol i'm worried. hope things are going well... how's the new position? Jared and I miss you guys!

  4. I am assuming you did this yesterday at CDSM. I'm glad that I avoided many of these... Hooters? Who did that?

    Regarding keeping our mouth shut... sometimes that's a good thing, no?

  5. i like it. you should blog more btw.

  6. You know, when we went to Nationals in Cincinnati, the guys in the Youth Group tried to pursuade me to take them in the van to Hooters...