Sunday, May 11, 2008

Random Stuff

Here's some more random stuff that I found mildly interesting...

It's no fun to be branded. But I think we carry brands more than we'd like to think

Ever heard of mind-mapping? Here’s how to mind-map a meeting.


  1. When you pursue the bigger questions in life, random is the way to go. It is as if you circle around a secret. See the mystery, if you can and if you do, from as many angles as you possibly can and then, great step, try to synthesize them. This is 'easier' (if at all possible) when you first try to find the logic in each perspective, from the point of view you are then taking. Mind mapping is putting the arguments between the facts, as validly and reliably as you can. Try to integrate multiple maps where notes and the things they denote, receive as many aspects as they figure in different mindmaps. Good luck!

  2. You are much too smart. I don't know where your deep thoughts come from or how you find such interesting stuff to read. I need to take a year of my life and follow you around and try to soak some you up. I'm not joking. Thanks for being amazing.