Friday, May 9, 2008

Media I've Run Across

I am so random...

A great time-waster is Facebook Lexicon. How many times do people mention a given word in a week on Facebook? Check out Facebook Lexicon. For upward trends type in Craigslist, or gas. For yearly cyclical trends enter depression, or Easter, or Bible study.

Cult of Sincerity is a full length secular indie movie about POMO; thoughtful, clever, witty, a prophetic message About 20-somethings, By 20-somethings, and To 20-somethings. ALL people from 15 to 30 yrs. old MUST watch this flick and discuss it! My 7-word review..."a critique of the post-modern ethos".

I can’t believe re-shaped 38th Parallel is now The Ministry of Magic contributing to the wizard rock scene. I love ‘The Bravest Man I Ever Knew’. I get a buzz from these former youth group members (TLC! woot!). The great British accent by Mark Jennings gave me a flashback to his high school All-State Improvisation performance!

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