Friday, January 23, 2009

What Frustrates You About Youth Ministry?

I think the group of youth workers I meet with are awesome. We asked each other to respond to the question, "What frustrates you about Youth Ministry?" The answers revealed a group of young men who really care about kids and who get mad when kids aren't treated right.
What Frustrates Us...
Church board discussions where they talk about the thermostat in the gym rather than how we can reach the unchurched.
Getting a phone call before every event by the same parent asking, “What time is it?”
Kids who don’t come because they have a relational problem with other kids.
Loving a needy kid.
Parents’ bad influence of kids.
“Country Club Christians”.
Being without a senior pastor.
Church parents who tell daughter, “You’re at church too much.”
Sponsors who call 2 minutes before the event to say they won’t be there.
Parents who wrongly believe their kids are perfect.
I’ve been constipated for about 3 days.
Sr. high kids with no passion; bad attitudes.
Getting the leadership to listen to me.
Getting the parents to catch our vision.
When one kid doesn’t come and then the other kids don’t come because others don’t come.
Eighteen year old boys whose mothers do all the work for them.
Elders and deacons who don’t get on board.
Not being taken seriously by the elders.
Losing a large senior class.
Not feeling like I’ll ever thrive financially in ministry.
Not getting a mental break from ministry.
Leaving a church and find out that no one is caring for your youth group.


  1. Yes I've shared in those frustrations, with the exception of the constipation part. How exactly is that youth ministry related? :)

  2. This post brought tears to my eyes. I think even I get frustrated by most of these things. It breaks my heart.