Sunday, December 2, 2007

'Jott' it

I've enjoyed the the functionality and practicality of Jott. This FREE service allows me to call Jott on my cell phone and speak a message to myself or another designated recipient. Jott then transcribes my voice message and automatically sends the text to the designated email address; usually a reminder to myself. One of my possible recipients is my Blog. You may have seen my poorly worded post (through Jott) a few days ago. Actually, I'm even more amazed by their incredibly accurate voice recognition technology.
Speaking of Technology, I'm currently using Qwest DSL for my phone and ISP. I don't want to pay for cable TV so I haven't taken to plunge into a cable internet provider. I'd like a faster connection and I'm willing to give up my home phone land line. What works for you? Are there no competitors in this industry?

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