Friday, November 23, 2007

Still kind of amazed.

Thanksgiving week started as we picked up Shannon from the DSM airport. She had a great time during her brief stint with the state department in Belgium. On Wednesday, we successfully connected with our Russian friends Anton and Natalia at the DSM airport for an icy trip to KC. They had thoroughly enjoyed a sun-soaked trip to Disneyworld.
NON-traditional foods accented our traditional American Thanksgiving feast. Guests from India, Alston and Rosalyn, provided Palak Paneer (cooked spinach with chunks of tofu). Natalia cooked up some Russian Borsch (even though we couldn't find fresh beets!) and spread Ekra (orange salmon eggs or caviar) on buttered bread.
My brother's wife decided to call my nephew Brady using Skype. He was sitting shirtless and shortless beside Lake Malawi in Mozambique.
I love this smaller world. I'm still kind of amazed.

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