Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sailing Too Close to the Shore, part 1

Okay, I’m going Retro now. Back in the the 60’s a melodic quartet hit the top of the charts with California Dreamin’. The song was written on a cold winter’s day in New York City while The Mamas and the Papas were yearning for California sun.

The first two stanzas of the song goes like this…

All the leaves are brown
And the sky is gray
I've been for a walk
On a winter's day
I'd be safe and warm
If I was in L.A.
California dreamin'
On such a winter's day

“To be safe and warm” in Los Angelos would be fun to dream about now as the Iowa temperature is dropping outside.
Our dreams get pretty small compared to God’s dreams for us. We dream about safety and warmth, recreation, comfort and...sunny California.
Now, compare our small dreams to those of Sir Francis Drake who circumnavigated the earth. He is credited with this prayer from 1577: “Disturb us, Lord, when we are too well pleased with ourselves, when our dreams have come true because we have dreamed too little, when we arrived safely because we sailed too close to the shore.”

Someone said, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.”

Stay tuned for part deux.

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