Monday, March 12, 2007

Emotionally Mature or Just Spiritually Mature?

Leadership coach Dan Webster says in his Training Course that one cannot be spiritually mature unless one is emotionally mature. In what ways is this true? In what ways is this untrue?

Webster's insight opens a Pandora’s box of issues.

· How can we fulfill our core calling, loving God and loving others, if we are emotionally diminished?

· What does it mean to be emotionally mature?

· If emotional maturity is necessary for spiritual maturity to develop, what hope does a depressed person (or emotionally scarred person) have of becoming spiritually mature?


  1. This question hurts the mind a bit. I think a person can be emotionally healthy, but also go through depression after being emotionally healthy. I have been thinking a lot about emotional health - and how the lack of it really affects leadership in my students this year. I have some great seniors who really love Jesus, but their lack of emotional health is really keeping them from being reaching people like I thought they might. I've talked about this with several people in the last few weeks. Not sure I answered the question... but I've at least added to the mess in cyberspace.

    You rock, Brent!


  2. Thanks, Tim, for your comments. I'm still puzzling over this issue of emotional strength and spirituality as well.
    Thanks for engaging my blog!