Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Prying Eyes

I apologize for not posting for a while. Between a hectic schedule, traveling to Almaty, and nursing a bad cold, anything I would have written would have been unintelligible. Plus, now we're wrestling with painfully slow internet service making it difficult to add a post to my blog.

Sunday morning we had ch. at a new facility. Their grand opening at a new location. Even with that, the flock attracted 3 new guests. I found that is a common occurrence since AB came to town. They used every chair in the place and we said goodbye to several wonderful people we met in Astana.
I have pictures but I'm cautious to post them here. I've found that the cryptic messages I get from certain regions in the world are truly justified.

In fact, although I don't think I've violated any protocol in any previous posts, from now on I'll practice, "better safe than sorry", or, "loose lips sink ships."

During our travels I've found...
-Its not unusual that staff hours would be devoted to using novel encryption programs to keep sensitive information from prying eyes.
-Workers lower their talk to a whisper or use substitute terms when other ears are near.
-Good, energetic ch. planters are dropped from a Xn agency without explanation because the guy in charge suspects that the planter has an undercover disciple.
-Licenses are strange things around these parts. Some dude in some office somewhere can make you reverse course pretty quickly...and the victim apparently has little say in the matter.
-I can't take pictures of people's faces. I can only take them of their hats (see pic). Actually, Jeff kept making a big deal out of the women's fur hats that I just had to take a picture of one. Fur hats are fantastic...and enticing. I used all of my will power to keep my hand from reaching up and rubbing them!

L. greeted us in Almaty. We ate a late Monday lunch at a little local dive across from the Jepperson Hotel. I don't care to go back there because I had to dismiss myself because of the 'revenge of Genghis Khan' (if you know what I mean).

We met S. for breakfast on Tuesday and proceeded to the conference. Jeff opened the day with a rousing message on 'The Power of the Word". The guy is a Bble fiend...Scriptures jabbing out all over the place! Great job, Jeff!

After a great wrship time, several area guys gave reports on their successes with seeing people respond to the "message" (how's that for cryptic?).

Then S. gave some pointers, from the Mslm holy book, on how to use it to convince a person of that inclination to incline another way (wow, talk about a cryptic sentence! I should write the next Bourne movie!).

We had a great meal with S. and his lovely wife, who looks like a sheik's princess.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, we'll get more face time with S. And I give my Devo to you-know-who at the you-know-what about the Holy (blank) Who convicts the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment. For my next post you'll need to eat a lot of Malto Meal so you can order the special decoder ring to decode what I write.

And, to the wacked out guy with prying eyes sitting at a dated computer in some crowded cubicle in a covert government building trying to figure out what I just said in this post...get a life! Loosen up and find a non-voyeuristic job! (I know its government policy around here to monitor radical activity in order to keep the peace...I understand that. It still doesn't help me like it when my brothers go to jail for it).

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