Monday, April 7, 2008

Thomas Egg Roll Competition 2008

Some family traditions have staying power. We've been doing our Easter Egg Roll competition for about 30 years; most of those years with the Brannans. All ages enjoy it!
How do you do an Easter Egg Roll competition? Four Easy steps:
  1. Pick your own hard boiled egg.
  2. Roll it at your opponents egg on the count of three.
  3. Repeat #2 until a piece of shell falls off of one of the eggs.
  4. The winner gets to move up to the next round.
Of course trash talk starts heating up weeks in advance (so much for Lent). We create competition brackets on a poster, lay down dark bath towels on our dining room table, unfurl the Easter table cloth that everyone signs each year, and we provide prizes for the winner.
The Finale? We take our cracked eggs outside, lay the winners egg on the ground and we pelt the SNOT out of the winning egg until it is demolished! Sweet Revenge!
Phil Young, engaged to a Thomas opponent Jackie Brannan, won the competition for the 2nd year in a row! For you novices, this has Never happened before in the history of the Egg Roll competition. I think Phil is a RINGER, so I'm appealing this "win" to Doug Lewis, Chairman of the International Rules Committee in Cameroon, West Africa. Doug is a missionary and past participant in our Egg Roll.
Rules that apply:
NO Juiced eggs allowed.
No altered eggs allowed.
Handle opponents' eggs gently.
I'll post a video in another post when You Tube isn't down for maintenance.

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  1. this is great!
    i don't know many families and I'm sure there aren't many families who have traditions for Easter!
    I think the Egg Roll is a great idea for families who want to have traditions and that are looking for something traditional to do on Easter.
    I read a list of 101 things to do on Easter because our daughter is turning 2 and we want to give her a great family with things to remember and love about the holidays. We took her to a show last year, we will this year too.
    But you know, we are looking for something to do at home as a family, so thank you for this!