Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Suspended: The Role of Tension; part 2

Throughout our lives we live in the tension between what was, what is and what is to come. Circumstances present tension, but what about God producing tension? What is the role of tension in the walk of the believer? Does tension produce awareness? Or motivation? Or passion? Or does this tension make us want to walk away?

We need to make sure that the “pull” from the “will be” is greater than the drag from the “once was” and “still is”. How do we add greater weight (pull) to the “will be”?

Buried in the present is the foretaste, the pledge, for what is to come. Seeds of the future reality are imbeded in the believer’s soul.

The suspension between the 3 realities is uncomfortable at best. The sensitive heart cries out for resolution. But no amount of patience resolves the tension. To a greater or lesser degree, the tension is there, straining the soul. Stretching us. Reshaping our identities. Driving us to the realization that who we think we are is not certain or fixed. While struggling, our only certainty is the hope of what will be (1 Peter 1:13).

This is why I am not at home here and now. Indeed we are "aliens" in a foreign land (1Peter 2:10-12).

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  1. This stuff hurts my head a bit. I appreciate your lines about the pull vs. the drag. I guess we have to keep remembering that this world is not heaven.